When God Removes His Mask

December 25, 2013

Unknown-1For centuries before he was born, mankind wondered what God looked like.  On this night, God took off His mask and showed us what He looked like in the form of the Christ child.

Jesus was in heaven.  He didn’t have to come from heaven to us but he loved us enough to do that.
If I were Jesus, I wouldn’t want to leave heaven.  I would be content there with angels singing and worshipping me.  Guess it’s a good thing I’m not Jesus.  (Sometimes I don’t want to be inconvenienced to help someone, until I think of how Jesus was inconvenienced for me.)
If I were God, I wouldn’t want to send my Son down here to earth to be treated the way that He was treated.  He left heaven and couldn’t even get a hotel room to be born into.  He had to come into this dark world in a BARN!
That’s not the way a King should be treated.  He left heaven and came to a dark world that didn’t appreciate His sacrifice at all.  He left heaven, knowing it would lead to the most horrible death ever…. crucifixion, but He came anyway.
What brought the baby from heaven?  He came because He loves you.
Why did God send his son?  I wouldn’t send any of my three sons to die for any of you.  (Though on some days I might be wiling to spare one for you to make a slave or something, depending upon what they’ve done that day- but that’s another blog post.)
The truth is, God sent His only Son to die a horrible death because He knew it was the only way to restore a relationship with you.  He loves you.
The baby Jesus is the perfect picture of what God looks like.  Giving to us EVERYTHING when it makes no sense.  Sparing His own Son for His enemies (us).
A few years ago I went to Mammoth Cave.  The guide led us into a HUGE room, told us to stand still, and he cut off the lights.  The place went so dark that I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face.  I’ve never seen it that dark before.  After a few minutes, he lit a match.  It seemed like it lit the whole place, it was so bright.  That one small match cut through the darkest dark imaginable.
Jesus came into a world as a baby.  The world was so dark, so separated from God by sin, that we had no hope.  Yet, the small flame in the form of the Christ Child gives us hope and life in a world that is hopelessly dark without the Light!
In John 8:12, Jesus said this:
“I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.”
We crucified the Son, and we put the light in a tomb, but the light didn’t stay in the grave.
If it had, we wouldn’t be celebrating Christmas.
  • Death couldn’t hold the light that came on Christmas.
  • Satan couldn’t put out the light that came on Christmas.
  • Demons thought they had put an end to the baby’s mission but they were wrong.
  • The light had come into the world.
The baby Jesus, the light, came on Christmas and was born into a manger.  He grew up, showed us that He was the light by His love, was crucifed, and the grave couldn’t hold the light.
Jesus was the first Christmas gift and the best gift we could ever get.  God removed the mask of his nature, love, personality, and compassion when Light came into the darkness in the form of a baby.  Merry Christmas!  The LIGHT has come!

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This happened at a perfect time in my life. Because of an internal battle I was recently having with myself, I am now properly and confidently equipped to take my stance in this battle. For the past several days I’ve been asking myself this: “As a Christian, I know homosexuality is against my faith as are several other lifestyle choices. How do I show love to the people whose lifestyle I disagree with?”

I recently found my answer, which lies in this phrase: “Judge the sin, not the sinner. ”

I love Duck Dynasty. I love the Robertsons, I love the family values they encourage and I love the God that they glorify. It makes me so happy to see their television show booming and every time I see a product in a store that has been Robertson-styled (nail files, nail polish, bedroom slippers, throws, bedding, hair bows, sleepwear, games…

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I am SO thankful to be able to share this post.  A year ago today, we weren’t sure if it would be possible.  Today, Chloe writes about her experience, herself.  God is good.  Here is Chloe in her own words.
Here are a couple of the posts from a year ago:
It was one year ago today that I was on my way home with my sister when we hydroplaned and hit another car head on. It’s been a weird year. In some ways the longest year of my life and in some ways the shortest. In some ways a complete tragedy and in some ways completely beautiful. I could write a book about everything that’s happened in the past 12 months, but I guess I’ll start with a really long Facebook post.In the past year I have :
Survived 13 surgeries. Accepted Vanderbilt medical center as a second home. Had my foot shattered in to what my surgeon said looked like a crumbled ritz cracker. Looked down and saw my snapped ankle sticking through my foot. Had stitches in 8 places. Broke 3 ribs. Had a concussion. Had a blood transfusion. Lost 4 teeth. Broke my jaw in 5 places. Had my mouth wired shut for 7 weeks and didn’t eat anything but ensure and chicken broth for 2 months. Stayed at a different hospital than my sister and for a week was convinced that I had killed her and no one would tell me. Had to get shots in my tummy every day for a month. Laid down unable to move for 3 months. Had an open wound for almost 5 months. Got told that they may have to amputate my foot. Got told there was a one in a million chance that I would ever be able to dance like I used to. Had a machine hooked up to me for 4 months. Had my bone clipped while I was awake. Had a sponge pulled out of my body 43 times. Felt pain that I never knew existed-pain that actually makes you black out. Taught dance from a wheelchair. Was in a wheelchair for 7 months. Didn’t leave the house without medical equipment for 10 months. Have a couple more surgeries still to come. Haven’t had a single day where I’m not in pain. Felt my body dying and fought to hang on.


In the past year I have:
Seen God and felt a peace that I could never explain. Been AMAZED by the love of people around me. Realized the value of life. Realized how strong I am when I have to be. Found a new respect for doctors and nurses. Become so much closer to my family. Realized how much my parents love me. Never been so thankful for my sister who is my best friend. Learned to appreciate the little things- being able to go outside or eat your favorite food. Found a new compassion for people who have it so much worse than me and a need to help them. Realized how much I love my job- though I may not be able to dance like I used to I can still share what I love with little ones who make me smile. Realized how lucky I am to be with my Matthew. I thought I loved him before, but this year showed me we can get through anything together and now I know how to love in a way I didn’t know how before. This year showed me he will be the best husband. I think the biggest thing I’ve realized this year is the impact of prayer. I now have a real relationship with God. A year ago today I promised God if I could have a second chance then I would live my life for Him, and that promise has saved me in so many ways.

(Chloe and Matthew in July)
As terrible as it sounds, I think everyone at some point has the thought,” I wonder who would care if I died”, and in a way I got to find that out this year. I was so surprised. I wasn’t giving people enough credit. I can never ever express how much every prayer, every message, every card has meant to me. I love you all so much. You never know what tomorrow holds. I wasn’t speeding, I wasn’t texting. Something happened that I couldn’t control. As cliche as it sounds, I now get what it means to live like it’s your last day on earth. I’m forever thankful and forever changed. I can’t wait for the rest of my life. On to the next year.