Everyone else is sharing their opinion on this, here’s mine…

December 22, 2013

I thought she pretty much nailed my thoughts too.



This happened at a perfect time in my life. Because of an internal battle I was recently having with myself, I am now properly and confidently equipped to take my stance in this battle. For the past several days I’ve been asking myself this: “As a Christian, I know homosexuality is against my faith as are several other lifestyle choices. How do I show love to the people whose lifestyle I disagree with?”

I recently found my answer, which lies in this phrase: “Judge the sin, not the sinner. ”

I love Duck Dynasty. I love the Robertsons, I love the family values they encourage and I love the God that they glorify. It makes me so happy to see their television show booming and every time I see a product in a store that has been Robertson-styled (nail files, nail polish, bedroom slippers, throws, bedding, hair bows, sleepwear, games…

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One Response to “Everyone else is sharing their opinion on this, here’s mine…”

  1. Thanks for the repost! I just saw this today! God bless!

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