This morning I was reflecting on the message from MJLifeChurch this past week about gratitude.  I then retweeted a quote from Steven Furtick:

  “Gratitude ends where entitlement begins.”

That sounds good.  I got several “retweets” out of that tweet.  It seemed to resonate with a lot of people.

I went immediately to get into my car and it was cold outside.  My windshield was totally frosted over and I hadn’t warmed up the car.  I started the car, cut on the defrost, and sat there waiting.  What I did next is the reason for this blog.  I picked up my phone and tweeted, “My windshield is frosted over.  I don’t like frost!”

Most people don’t like frost.  That’s true, but it struck me that I need to be thankful that I have a car with a windshield that can get frost on it.  Many people don’t have cars that run.  I’m blessed and I didn’t deserve it.

In fact, there are people that weren’t able to get out of bed and walk to their car through the cold.  Some people didn’t wake up this morning and their families are grieving.  I was able to breathe AND walk to my car!  Woo Hoo!  I didn’t deserve any of that but God has blessed me.

Neither of us are “entitled” to anything.  If you have health, shelter, and a family that loves you, that is a blessing.  These things are a gift from God that you didn’t deserve.

When you wake up with a “bad hair day,” remember….  Some of us don’t have hair.  🙂

I bet no matter what your situation is, there is something that you can be thankful to God for.

Have any of you ever been guilty of “entitlement” thinking?

Meet God in Your Hard Times

November 20, 2012

Coach Micheal Burt says that after we go through adversity, we can stay beaten down, rise back up to where we were, or use the adversity as a spring board to rise above where we began.  In a lot of areas, I think he may be right.

I believe adversity affects our faith in a unique way.  I’ve certainly seen people go through job loss, a marriage breakup, or a death of a loved one and never really get back to where they were before in their faith.  Their trust in God was so shaken that they simply turned their backs on God.  I feel for those that I’ve known who have lost their faith and stay beaten down.

Victor Frankl who went through a concentration camp at the hands of the Nazis wrote:

“Everything can be taken from a man or a woman but one thing:  the last of human freedoms to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” 

No matter what our situation, we choose our attitude and we choose if we’re going to trust God in our circumstances.  Our attitude is STILL our choice.

Some believe that after going through hard circumstances that you can get back to where you were, back to the norm.  I don’t believe that.  As a follower of Christ, He hasn’t called us to “the norm.”  If we only go back to “the norm,” we’re really becoming stagnant.  “The norm” is not a place to shoot for either.  God wants us to use our experiences to make us stronger.

When we go through adversity, though our faith was shaken, our foundation remains if we choose to hold onto it.  After our experience, we remember how God didn’t remove us from the situation but He walked with us through it.  We think about how His strong arms held us when we didn’t think we could go on any longer.  Maybe we know from experience that He sent people to us for comfort. The choice to continue trusting Him is ours.

When hardship and pain knock you to your knees, find God there.  He is there waiting for you.  Don’t stay the same.  Don’t go back to normal.  Let Him hold you and rise above it.