2015 Books I Read

January 18, 2016

imagesI’m a little late this year in publishing my list of books that I read this year.  The number of books that I read is also down a little bit.  I usually read or listen to about 25-30 books in a year.  This year I enjoyed 23 books.  Here’s the list:

1.  Jesus Prom, John Weece
2.  Mere Christianity, CS Lewis
3.  Before Amen, Max Lucado
4.  The Energy Bus, Jon Gordon
5.  Dreamers and Deceivers, Glen Beck
6.  Jesus:  Pure & Simple, Wayne Cordiero
7.  Point Main, Steve Farrar
8.  Zillow talk, Spencer Rascoff
9.  Tender Warrior, Stu Weber
10.  Dinner With A Stranger, David Gregory
11.  Jesus, Jihad & Peace, Michael yousef
12.  The Advantage, Patrick Linceoni
13.  10 Answers For Atheists, Alex McFarland
14.  3 Big Questions for Frantic Families, Patrick Lencioni
15.  Hiding In The Light, Rifqa Bary
16.  God, Guns, Grits & Gravy
17.  Truly Free, Robert Morris
18.  Defeating Isis, Michael Weiss, Hassan Hassan
19.  Prescription For Life, Richard Furman
20.  Killing Reagan, Bill O’Reilly
21.  Cracking Your Church’s Culture, Samuel R. Chand
22.  Culture Shock, Chip Ingram
23.  It IS About Islam, Glen Beck

My favorites from this year are probably:

  • Hiding In The Light, Rifqa Bary:  Biography of a teenager in the U.S. that accepted Christ against her Muslim family’s wishes.  The book goes on to tell how she felt her life was in danger so she sought emancipation from her parents so she could live out her faith.
  • 10 Answers For Atheists, Alex McFarland:  Great read if you like studying apologetics.
  • It IS About Islam, Glen Beck:  Beck shares the real danger of Islam that the media will not share.