I am a church planter and pastor of MJLifeChurch.tv, a LifeChurch.tv Network church in my hometown of Mt. Juliet, TN.  (It’s right outside of Nashville.)    We  just had our second anniversary.  We began in January 2009.


My wife, Marla, and I have 5 kids.  Rebecca (19), Matthew (17), Daniel (12), Rachel (9), and our surprise blessing, Adam Josiah (2).  That makes for a kid in every department at church.  We wanted to make sure we had everything covered when we started the new church.  Just Kidding!

I also work as a Realtor in the Middle Tennessee area so if you’re moving to Nashville, give me a call!


9 Responses to “About Eddie”

  1. Mike Wiggins said

    Hello Eddie,
    Did we grow up as neighbors in Sylvan Park by chance? You’ve been on my mind lately and I found your blog thru Google.
    Whether we were neighbors or not, I really enjoy your blog. I will keep looking for updates!
    God bless you and your family! Mike

  2. Jim Boyd said

    Great blog! Great thoughts! Thanks, Eddie!

  3. Bert said

    Love your blog Eddie, it might not mean much to hear this from me as you know how i was growing up, but here goes any way i am proud of you and what you have made of your life and i know your dad would be as well. By the way i noticed you said you have five KID, I the humans have CHILDREN and goats have KIDS………….HA.HA.

  4. Eddie! I’m glad your blog popped you up again on my radar!! It seems fortunate that happened!

    Can you email me? training
    boyd-dearmond dot com? My company may need your special internet savvy skills.

  5. dmbaldwin said

    I love the blog Eddie. I’m enjoying it. Have a question about the child you are holding in the picture above. Does he have Down Syndrome? Just wondering. We have a daughter with Down’s.

    • eddiepoole said

      Hey Dave,

      Adam doesn’t have downs but looking at the picture, I can see why you would ask that.

      I used to work as Operations Manager at a sheltered workshop in Nashville. I learned alot about unconditional love in that environment. I’m sure that your daughter is a true blessing.

      Thanks for reading the blog and for the encouragement!


  6. charlie said

    Thanks, Eddie, for following my blog, Learning From God’s Word. God bless you and make you a blessing to many.

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