A guy asked me the other day…   Actually it was ME asking God, “Why in the world do we need another church in Mt. Juliet?”  It seemed like a fair question to me.  After all, this is the Buckle of the Belt.  Besides that, it seems to me that there are plenty of churches.  Why can’t I go to a really PAGAN LAND like Daytona Beach or Panama City or some place like that and launch a church?   How cool would that be?  Beach ministry everyday.  Somebody’s got to do it!  Why not me?

The main reason, I realize is that isn’t God’s plan for me.  He wants me in Mt. Juliet where I have old friends, new friends, business acquaintances, and new people moving in all the time.  They all matter to God.

I know that people matter to God and it is my prayer as I start each day that they will matter to me too.  Even strangers, (though some would argue that there are none stranger than me.)  I want to see people the way that God sees them, including the irritating driver that always cuts me off.  I want to see the checker at Kroger, not as a “checker” but as someone with a family, dreams, and a God that is crazy about them.  Sadly, I usually just reduce them to the role of “checker” and my goal is to get myself and my can of biscuits back in my car ASAP.

My friend, Rick Theobald, is the best I’ve ever seen in the “caring about everyone he comes in contact with” department.  Anytime I’m out to eat with Rick, for instance, he ALWAYS takes the time to say something personal and nice to EVERYONE that he comes in contact with.  He takes time for everyone… kind of like Jesus.  I usually find myself trying to focus on the person I’m with and take others that happen to be around me for granted.  I want to be more like Jesus in that area.  Heck, I’d even settle for being more like Rick in that area! I’m working on it.  Does anyone give “Rick” lessons?

Anyway… why another church in Mt. Juliet?  Ed Stezer says that churches over 15 years old reach 3 people per 100 members.  Churches that have been around for 3-15 years reach 5 people for every 100 members.  New churches under 3 years old reach 10 people per every 100 members.  Besides God’s call, new churches simply reach more unchurched people.  Since they matter to God, they matter to me too.

It is my prayer that the church that I will launch, as well as the other new churches in Mt. Juliet, will not forget and loose their passion for reaching the lost and unchurched.   It is my prayer that I will be more like Jesus… and Rick.

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  1. How to contact you Eddie?

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