This year I listened to more podcasts and read a few less books than years’ past.  Some of the books I read the old fashioned way and some of the books, I listened to through
IExtremeBook.jpg tend to read books in a couple of different categories.  I enjoy reading business books.  I find they help me be a better Real Estate Agent and they also help me to be a better pastor.  My favorite business book this year is probably “Extreme Ownership.”  This book tells stories that the author experienced as a Navy Seal.  He then relates them to business applications.  I think I love this book because I respect Navy Seals and I found it very interesting and applicable.
Another type of book that I enjoy are biographies that relate a person’s life with their faith.  I enjoy hearing their struggles and how they grew in their faith as a result.  That was
the case with “Shaken,” by Tim Tebow.  I’m a Gator Hater but as a believer in Christ, it’s hard not to like and admire Tim Tebow.  He is honest in this book about what he has learned in finding his identity in Christ, as opposed to finding it in the world.  He also shares about some of the people that he’s been blessed to know that have gone through trials.  Tebow is very honest about his walk, struggles, and faith, which is refreshing.
I also enjoyed “With My Eyes Wide Open” and “Save Me From Myself” by Brian “Head” Welch, guitarist for band, Korn.  Welch is also very honest about his journey to Christ.  By the time I was finished with the book, I felt like I knew Brian personally.
Other books that stand out to me from the list:  “Wild Goose Chase,” “The Pastor’s Kid,” & “Unashamed.”  (Two of the books on the list are “Unashamed”.  Both are good, but I prefer Lecrae’s book.)
1.  “Outliers”, Malcolm Gladwell
2.  “If”, Mark Batterson
3.  “I am N”, Voice of the Martyrs
4.  “Wild Goose Chase”, Mark Batterson
5.  “Extreme Ownership”, Leif Babin, Jocko Willink
6.  “The Measure of a Man”, Gene Getz
7.  “The Sons of Liberty:  The Lives and Legends”, Bill O’Reilly
8.  “The Pastor”, Eugene Peterson
9:  “Unashamed”, Lecrae Moore610K8EmWyeL._SY498_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg
10.  “The Most Excellent Way To Lead”, Perry Noble
11.  “Amish Grace”, Donald Kraybill, Steven M. Not
12. “Peculiar Glory”, John Piper
13. “Unashamed”, Christine Caine
14. “Through the Eyes of A Lion”, Levi Lusko
15. “All Roads Lead to Heaven”, Robert Jeffries
16. “Got The Life”, Fieldy
17. “Save Me From Myself”, Brian Welch
18. “Answering Jihad”, Nabeel Quereshi
19. “God’s Smuggler”, Brother Andrew
20. “The Sons of Liberty”, Bill O’Reilly
21. “Kidnapped By The Taliban”, Dillip Joseph
22.”The Pastors Kid”, Barnabas Piper
23. “Help My Unbelief”, Barnabas Piper
24. “Think and Grow Rich”, Napolean Hill
25. “Shaken”, Tim Tebow
There’s not a bad book in the group.  Honestly, if I start a book and it bores me, I don’t finish it and it’s not on the list!