Emmanuel, In Chloe’s Words

December 10, 2012

If you read my last blog post, you know that my son’s girlfriend Chloe and her sister, Greta, were in bad auto accident yesterday after church.

We were at the hospital until late last night and this morning I used my “Pastor Card” to get in to see her.  As I talked with Chloe this morning in ICU, I told her that all through the ordeal I was reminded of Craig Groeschel’s message yesterday.  It was about God’s “omnipresence”, or as a child would say, “God is with ME.”  Chloe said that she was also reminded of the message and took comfort from it through the whole ordeal.  (She is still in the ordeal as she had surgery last night and has at least two more this week.)

I thought about “Emmanuel” as I was praying in the car with Marla and Matthew at the accident scene.  Greta had talked to Matthew.  We didn’t know if Chloe was ok or not.  All we could see was emergency vehicles and lights.  The car was behind them.

We prayed desperately and thanked God that we knew that even though we couldn’t see what was going on behind all of the emergency lights and vehicles, we knew that God was with Chloe and Greta.  I also knew that God was with Carl and Jaynie, the girls’ parents.  We asked for God’s comfort on them.  I felt his presence with me.

Chloe’s jaw has multiple fractures but what she said to me this morning, mainly moving her lips, rocked me to the core.   This is what Chloe said:

“When I was still in the car, I was scared.  I had been singing ‘Jesus Loves Me” because that’s all that I knew to do.  Greta was talking to me to keep me calm.

I then heard the paramedics outside of the car talking.  They said to each other that they didn’t know if I was going to make it.  Then I saw Him.  I SAW JESUS.  He was shaking His head ‘YES’ and said ‘You ARE going to make it.’  I knew He was with me.”

I was speechless.  Wow….  “God is WITH US.”  He was there with the girls.  He was with Carl and Jaynie.

He was TALKING to Chloe, giving her hope as she sat in a totally demolished car with so many injuries that the EMT’s thought she wasn’t going to make it.

I asked Chloe for permission to share her story and she said it was ok.

I will never hear the words “Emmanuel-God with us”, in the same way again.

21 Responses to “Emmanuel, In Chloe’s Words”

  1. HL said

    Thanks for sharing Eddie! Awesome testimony for the young lady!

  2. Melveeta said

    Amen, through tears I am calling for Immanuel to continue to be with Chloe, her family and yours. Blessings,
    David & Melveeta Harewood
    Bethel LIFE Centre
    Montrael,Quebec, Canada

  3. Dana Cutright said

    Crying and believing! God is so amazing! I am so proud of Chloe, for her faith and trust in Him. I am so proud of Greta, for supporting her sister and encouraging her in the midst of this situation without even knowing the outcome. This is faith! I am encouraged by Chloe’s words and will not stop praying for she, Greta, Jaynie, Carl, the other children, Matthew, and for your family, Eddie. What a blessing!

  4. Susy Willis said

    thank you Eddie!

  5. […] of my closest friends for forty years — we met in first grade. Two of his five children were seriously injured in a car accident over the weekend. Your prayers (or good wishes, or positive thoughts, if you run to that end of things) for Chloe, […]

    • eddiepoole said

      Thanks for sharing. Thank you for praying for Chloe. I pray that your friend’s two children find their healing in Christ and that your friends are moved closer to Him through the experience.

      Appreciate you reading, sharing, and commenting.

  6. Beautiful testimony! and prayers for the girls.

  7. Barbara Ledford said

    Isaiah 45:3 “And I will give you the treasures of darkness, And hidden wealth of secret places, In order that you may know that is is I, The Lord, the God of Israel, who calls you by your name. “Chloe”

  8. Wow! I cried as you told me and cried again as I read it myself! God truly is with us!!! When I had my accident a week ago, all I could was cry out His name as I waited for someone to find me. He was with me letting me know that my sister had just called which meant my phone had to be in the same room to call 911. He was with me when my husband hadn’t prayed with me yet and could not ride with me in the ambulance. He provided an EMT that said he could pray with me and reached Heaven on my behalf. Thank you for sharing this! Prayers going up for Chloe.

  9. wow- couldn’t help but get choked up. amazing in something so stressful and scary there can be such awesome comfort…

  10. Joni Cook said

    Thanks for sharing these words of testimony! Beauty from ashes…strength from fear…how gloriously wonderful is Emmanuel! God with us! Praising Him with you!!!!

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