Feeling God’s Presence

February 2, 2011

People today have many ways of communicating with each other.  In our church, there are people that like Facebook.  Others prefer texting.  There are also other preferred avenues of communicating with people in my church, such as phone calls, email, newsletters in print, face to face conversations, and a personal hand-written note.

What I’ve found is that if I want to communicate with EVERYONE in my church, I have to do ALL of the above or I miss some people.  Those who prefer texting will miss my message if I only send a message out on Facebook, for example.  We’re all different.  Rick Warren says, “You cannot over-communicate.”  I’m learning how true that is.

In the same way that we all prefer different ways to communicate with each other, we are also wired differently in the primary way we connect with God.  Fasting does it like nothing else for some people.  Some can pray for 2 hours and totally feel God’s presence.  I hate to admit it but after I’ve prayed for all that I know, my mind starts wondering to what’s for supper or something really spiritual like who’s going win the next ballgame.

Others really feel connected to God when they are in the mountains.  (Psalm 19:1-4)  My preference is going to a quiet place where I can read my Bible, pray, and listen.  (Psalm 46:10)  I’ve known others to feel God’s presence the most when they are sharing their faith or serving the homeless.  (Matthew 25:40)  My daughter, Rebecca, once told me that she felt God when she danced.  (Psalm 30:11)  That reminds me of the true story of Eric Liddell in the movie, “Chariots of Fire.”  He said,“When I run, I feel His glory.”1923-eric-liddell-stamford-bridge.

I guess my point is that there are many ways that we can feel God’s presence. Whatever your bent, that’s ok.  One thing I know, however, is that it’s important not to ignore the other disciplines or leadings when they aren’t our preferred “pathway to hearing from God.”

A runner who feels God’s presence most when he runs still needs to pray and read their Bible to stay grounded.  Someone who feels God when they read their Bible still has a responsibility to help the poor.  If you love to study the Bible, you still need to put it in action.  (Faith without works is dead-James 2:20)  If you’re an action person, you still have to know what the Bible says.

Seek God and you will find Him.  Seek Him in your preferred way, but seek Him in other ways too.  The important thing is that when you seek Him, don’t give up.  Keep seeking His presence.  Keep your relationship with God a priority and keep it fresh by trying other “pathways”.  You’ll find Him.

What’s your preferred way to hear from God?  When do you feel His presence most?