I wish we had more Andy Griffith and less Magic Mike these days.  Andy always gave us something positive enjoy and watch.

In Mayberry, he taught us a moral each week as he was patient with Barney, a great dad to Opie, treated Otis as a person that mattered, and honored Aunt Bee.  Other than naming his son Opie, I can’t think of anything negative about the show.

Our parents didn’t have to worry about any lessons that we would pick up from watching the show.  They actually hoped we would learn something about integrity and honor.

Andy also made us laugh.  He had us whistling a catchy tune.  He taught us to be better people.  Did you ever hear his “What it was, was a football”?  That was hilarious!

Contrast that to what we have today.  “Magic Mike” seems to be the rage at the theater. I’m really surprised and disappointed by some of the ladies that have gone to this movie.  Of course, my opinion is not that important.  I’m also a self-professed screw up at times too.  I’m just not sure what we’re thinking we we call this an acceptable “Girls Night Out.”  Pleasing God is what really matters.  Pleasing me or your girlfriends doesn’t matter.

Here’s a review from the internet that sets the tone for the movie:

“Within the movie’s opening minutes, Mike slips naked out of bed (we see him fully from behind) and he starts talking with his topless friend, Joanna, about the naked girl passed out on the bed (whose bare backside is aimed at the lingering camera lens). They both talk about how they enjoyed having sex with her the night before, but neither can come up with her name.”

Where has Andy gone? Why have we allowed things like Magic Mike to become so mainstream? How far we have fallen… from Andy to Mike. Quite a contrast.  The crazy thing is that “Mommy Porn,” as some have labeled the movie, seems to be accepted among many ladies in the “Christian” community as ok.  Is it also now ok for guys to go see stripper movies and share Playboys?

Jesus told us in Matthew 5, “Blessed are the pure in heart.”  How do we get “pure in heart?”  I’ve been studying the life of David and it seems that these are some characteristics that he had:

  • He loved God’s law
  • He was a servant to his dad and brothers
  • He passionately pursued God in prayer and with his life

In Psalm 101:3 David wrote:
“I will not look with approval
on anything that is vile.”

I think we’d be able to follow Jesus alot closer if we had more Andy and less Magic Mike.

Am I right or do you think I need to “lighten up” a bit?