2017: Books I Read This Past Year

January 2, 2018

Every January, since 2012, I’ve made a list of the books that I read the past year.  The list contains some titles that I listened to audibly through Audible.com and it contains some that I read the old fashioned way.  Some were really good and a couple were duds that I don’t recommend.  Some were Christian books and some were business books.

My favorite books out of these 19 include “Devine Direction”, “Through The Eyes of A Lion,” “Swipe Right”, and “The Last Arrow.”  My favorite non-Christian books this year was “The Captain’s Class”, which is a leadership book and “The Power of Broke.”


Here’s this year’s list:

  1.  Give and Take” by Adam M. Grant:  This book was a very boring business book but it did have some good principles.  Basically, if you serve others and don’t worry about yourself, good things will come back to you.  Some people are givers and some are takers.  Be a giver.  That’s all you need to know about this book.  (That’s actually how I run my real estate business.)
  2. “You Are A Bad ____”, by Jen Sincero:  Author tries in a very crass and unnecessary way (As the title suggests) to encourage you to believe in yourself more.  The was recommended by a business blog that I read but I don’t recommend this one at all.  There are many business books better than this one.
  3. “Through The Eyes of a Lion”, by Levi Lusko:  Luskos first book was very moving Unknownand inspiring.  He tells the pain of his daughter’s passing and how God helped himself and his wife through the pain.  This book is excellent and I will now read just about anything that Levi Lusko releases.
  4. “Divine Direction,” by Craig Groeschel:  This may be Craig’s best book yet.  If you’re looking for God’s leading, read this book.  I’m going to read it again.
  5. “Swipe Right:  The Life and Death of Sex and Romance”by Levi Lusko:  I meant what I said about reading anything Levi Lusko releases.  I loved this book too.  God’s dreams for your life are not meant to kill your joy but enhance it.  This book helps everyone see what God’s view of sex really is.
  6. The Power of Broke:  How Empty Pockets, a Tight Budget, and a Hunger for Success Can Become Your Greatest Competitive Advantage,” by Diamond John:  The author shares how he became successful and also shares the stories of other entrepreneurs that became successful.  He stresses that if you really hunger for success, you won’t stop until you get it.  Really good book.
  7. “Seven Mile Miracle,” by Steven Furtick:  This wasn’t my favorite Furtick book, which surprises me.  I may go back through this one again.  Maybe my mind wasn’t right for this one at the time.
  8. “This Is Our Time:  Everyday Myths In Light Of The Gospel”,  by Trevin Wax:  The author calls the church to maintain it’s distinctiveness from the world.  We’re called to be different.  Thoughtful book.
  9. “Love is the Killer App” by Tim Sanders:  This is a business book.  Sanders encourages everyone to become a “Love Cat”, which means you devour as much knowledge from books as you can, network like crazy, and share as much knowledge as you can with others.  He encourages those in business to do whatever they can to spread the love to others in business situations.
  10. “If You Can Keep It,” by Eric Mataxas:  Mataxas points out that the founding fathers were very much devoted to the Christian faith and founded our nation on those principles.  We must keep our thinking in line with our nation’s founders or our nation will become a very different place than they intended it to be.
  11. “Walking from East To West”by Ravi Zacharias:  This book is the story of the author, detailing his early life and how he came to be a world famous Christian apologist.  Very interesting to hear of his upbringing in India and his transformation to a life in Christ.
  12. “Parting the Waters:  America in The King Years 1954-63” by Taylor Branch:  This book is very interesting and tells of the struggles of African Americans as Dr. Martin Luther King led the nation for civil rights.  I’m glad I read this one.
  13. “No God But One:  Allah or Jesus”, by Nabeel Qureshi:  I read this one right after hearing of the author’s death from cancer.  He shares more about the differences between Allah and Jesus.  He comes from the point of view of a former Muslim.  I really hated to hear about his passing away.  Nabeels other book, “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus” is one of my all time favorite books.
  14. “The Seven Levels of Communication”, by Michael J. Maher:  This is a Real Estate Business book and I enjoyed it very much.  Written as a story, the book outlines how I already strive to lead my real estate business.  I read this book as part of a small group of Real Estate agents and was encouraged by this book and the experience.
  15. “The Captain Class:  The Hidden Force That Creates the World’s Greatest Teams”by Sam Walker:  The author takes look at some of the greatest teams, led by great captains.  The captains weren’t always the best players on the team but they had that little extra something that helped their teams to greatness.  This book was hard to put down!
  16. 51995182“Play The Man”by Mark Batterson:  Batterson is one of my favorite authors.  In this book, he challenges men to be men and led by God.  If you’re a man, read this one!
  17. “The Last Arrow,” by Erwin McManus:  Erwin takes a passage in scripture and 9781601429537uses it to encourage us to live for the day and squeeze every drop out of life.  Don’t leave any regrets behind.  Give life all you’ve got.  I loved this one.
  18. “Killing Kryptonite”by John Bevere:  I couldn’t get into this one and don’t think I even finished it.  I tried!
  19. “From Darkness to Sight”by Dr. Ming Wang:  I had heard Dr. Wang speak a few times and met him, so I decided to read his book.  Dr. Wang overcame great odds to accomplish all that he has in his life.

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