If A Christian Converts to Islam, Does He Go To Heaven?

June 16, 2016

I had a friend recently ask me the question, “If a person accepts Christ, is baptized, and then converts to Islam, does he still go to heaven?”

That’s a tough question.  There are two schools of thought and interpretation of the Bible by Christians and I think they both end up with the same conclusion.

This is very similar to asking “if a person is once saved, are they always saved” or “can a person loose their salvation.”  There are scripture passages that can argue both cases for these questions so instead of providing all of the Scriptures, let’s just take a moment and assume that each is true.

If salvation can be lost, as the Assembly of God and other denominations believe, then person was a Christian but they lost their salvation.  They denied Christ and they are no longer going to heaven.  They have tasted the goodness of God and turned their back on Him when they became a Muslim.

If salvation is eternally secure and there is nothing you can do to loose it once you have it, as Southern Baptists and others believe, the person never really had eternal life to begin with.  Though it may have looked from outward appearances that he knew God, you cannot really know God and totally turn your back on Him, as in becoming a Muslim.  This isn’t to say that you are perfect or that Christians don’t make dumb mistakes.  It’s just that they repent when they do and return to Jesus.

I could perhaps even see a case where maybe a believer in Christ was misled, “flirted” with Islam or another religion, and was led back to the True God.  Jesus said that if we seek Him, we will find Him.

In either of these cases, a person who “converts” to Islam and never returns though they have opportunity and time, either never knew Jesus or doesn’t know Him anymore.  The result is the same.



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