Top Blog Posts in 2012

January 6, 2013

I appreciate you guys reading my posts.  I’ve posted 101 posts the past 3 or so years.  I’m always humbled when someone leaves a comment and says that it was helpful or encouraging.
One thing that makes me proud is that of my four top posts of the year, one wasn’t even written by me.  “Learning to Walk in Step with God” was written by my daughter, Rebecca.  (I’m proud of her, btw!)
Anyway, here are my top 4 Blog Posts of 2012:

5 Responses to “Top Blog Posts in 2012”

  1. mattdabbs said

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and perspective. It is hard to keep a blog going that long. Keep with it!

  2. Pete Wise said

    Eddie, have you read The God I Never Knew by Robert Morris

    • eddiepoole said

      I read a book by that name by Philip Yancey. Does Robert Morris have a book by that name too?

      • Pete Wise said

        Eddie, Yancey’s book is “The Jesus I Never Knew”. The summary in says Morris’s book is about the person of the Holy Spirit. How He can be grieved etc. I think I will buy it along with “The Blessed Church”. I think I will like Robert Morris. I’ll be thinking about you guys (or ya’ll) tomorrow morning when I am picking up my high schoolers.

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