Listening to God on His terms, Not Yours

December 27, 2012


When we want to know God’s will and the next step for our lives, the first step is simply to begin asking Him to reveal it to you.

One of the challenges most believers have is that they actually already know what that next step, they just choose to ignore it.  For example, maybe they are asking, “God, should I take this job or should I stay here at this company?”

The reality is that many only want to hear from God on their terms and not on God’s terms.

What they see as important in their life is not what God sees as important.  Perhaps God has already told them that they need to deal with they way they talk to their kids and they have ignored that.  Maybe God wants them to forgive or He wants them to be a better employee.

God is more interested in a person taking the last step that He told them to take than He is revealing what you demand to know.

Don’t ask God to lead you in your next step without first telling Him AND MEANING IT, that you’re willing to do WHATEVER that step is.

Then, if He reveals something to you that you need to do, then do it!  THEN you can ask for the next step.

We might think we really want to know God’s will for our life but unless we’re willing to do WHATEVER He tells us, we’re just playing at this Jesus following thing.  It doesn’t appear to be something we’re that serious about.  We need to make Him Lord, which means our life is really His.

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