No More “Half #%!#” Christianity

December 11, 2012

With Chloe and Greta’s wreck fresh on my mind, I’ve been thinking A LOT about second chances.  I’m reminded of another person that was very close to me that God granted a second chance.

When I was young, my grandfather was always supportive of what I did.  Whether I was playing football in little league or playing music, he was there.  He always wanted me to know that he was for me.

One area that he was “for me” was when I went to church.  He didn’t go, but he encouraged me to go.  He was proud that “I” went to church.

I was in college taking exams when I got the call.  My sister told me that I needed to get to the hospital quick because “Gramps” was not doing well.  When I got there I found out that he had an aneurism.

The doctor was VERY comforting.  (Slight Exaggeration.)  He said, “Well, it would have been better if he had been run over by a Mac truck.  He won’t live through surgery but I’ll give it a shot anyway.”  (Cheer me up, Doc.  Thanks for the comfort.)

Many of us prayed…  A LOT.  I remember telling my mother that God had told me that Gramps would be ok.  He did survive the surgery.  When the doc came out of surgery to talk to us, his bedside manner hadn’t improved.  He said, “He survived the surgery but he won’t live past tomorrow.”

That’s how we lived for about two weeks.

This was the pattern:  Complications, Prayers, Miracles.

While Gramps was in ICU, I would go in and pray silently for him.  He was hooked up with all kinds of machines and tubes.  He didn’t know what was going on, but I laid hands on him and prayed anyway.  The doctor kept giving bad news, but God kept answering with good news.

Finally, the day came.  He improved quickly all at once.  The doctors moved him to a room and I couldn’t wait to go and see Gramps, one of my biggest cheerleaders in life.

When I walked in, he teared up.  I had never seen him cry before.  This is what he told me.  Gramps said, “Son, I want you to know that I know why I’m here today.  I should be dead.  I know for my whole life, I haven’t been what God wanted me to be.  For now on, there won’t be anymore ‘HALF ASS’ Christianity for me.”

I still have to laugh about his choice of words but I’ll ALWAYS remember the heart that said them. 

God gave my Gramps another 10 years. After that and he was a different man.  He talked about Jesus so much that people started to think he was crazy.  You couldn’t go into his house without him talking about Jesus and what He had done for him.  Many would just roll their eyes when he got going but I knew that he was a man that was passionately in love with Jesus.

Gramps got a second chance and he didn’t waste it.  I remember at his funeral saying that many thought he was crazy but I would be taking up where he left off in talking about Jesus.  I hope my life has reflected God the way my grandfather’s last chapter did.

Your second chance may not be as dramatic as Chloe’s or my Gramps.  Your second chance may just be reading this blog.

God’s word says that He hates it when we’re lukewarm.  It makes God sick.

God is either Lord of all or He isn’t Lord at all.

God wants us all to be passionate for Him.  He wants us to be relentless in our pursuit of Him.

Don’t live the Christian life in a half way manner.  Give it all or give it up.  There isn’t any  acceptable in-between with God.  It’s all or nothing.

6 Responses to “No More “Half #%!#” Christianity”

  1. Dana Cutright :-) said

    I just think you are awesome, Eddie! Thank you for sharing your story about “Gramps.” VERY TOUCHING! Tim and I have so much respect for your heart for the Lord. You are real, never fake, and we are enjoying sharing life together with your family and growing together, in Christ!

  2. Bill said

    “God wants us all to be passionate for Him. He wants us to be relentless in our pursuit of Him.

    Don’t live the Christian life in a half way manner. Give it all or give it up. There isn’t any acceptable in-between with God. It’s all or nothing.”

    Amen, amen, amen.

  3. Don and Reba Jones said

    Thanks for the testimony, Eddie! I’ve seen God work miracles in those I love and in my life. I’m ashamed to say that this last year has done me in…I’ve know I’ve pulled the walls in around me and without knowing it have blamed God…I want to love Him with my whole heart. Thank you for reminding me that the Lord does give second chances, and thirds, and fourths…

    • eddiepoole said

      Reba, you guys have had a hard year. I’ve been there. Just know that God is STILL God and He is not through with you guys.

      Everyone that is touched by Christ at MJLife is a part of your legacy too because you both poured into me. Rest in Him and then be ready for God to use you guys in a big way again.

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