Just Kidding About That “Lord” Thing

December 1, 2012

As a pastor, I’ve talked to MANY people over the years that constantly battle certain sins in their life.  These sins are the ones that, for whatever reason, have latched on and are just hard to shake.

Sins like I’m speaking about include the more “acceptable” sins, such as gossiping or overeating.  If could include ignoring something that the Holy Spirit has been telling you for years, such as your need to forgive someone.  These “pet” sins could also include less “acceptable” secret sins that no one knows about, like pornography or an affair that has gone on for years.

If there is a sin that you continually ignore, that’s your REAL god.

One thing that I read in MANY passages from the Bible is that God is a JEALOUS God.  He doesn’t want ANYTHING to come before Him in a person’s life who claims to follow Him.  While we all mostly agree on that, it sometimes gets easy to categorize our pet sin into a box that only gets taken out when its safe.  When no one is looking, including God (ha!), we think it’s safe to indulge.

One thing that I want to be clear about is that it’s NOT a sin to be tempted.  Everyone is tempted.  Waving the white flag and giving into the sin EVERY TIME it raises it’s ugly head is what we’re talking about here.

2 Corinthians 10:13 tells us that there isn’t any temptation that comes to us that we can’t either stand up under or that God will not help us find a way out.

We have to keep battling until the victory is won.

I’ve known some people that win the battle all at once and don’t seem to be tempted again.  I’ve known others that seem to have to battle almost every day.  Just don’t give up!

When we call Jesus, “Lord,” that means that He is first in our life.  There is a saying that says:

“He is either Lord of all, or he is not Lord at all.”

Lord, by definition, means “master” or first place.  If we continually give into our “pet” sins without even a fight, Jesus has been moved off of the throne.  The “cheese burger” or whatever pet sin that you’ve given up the battle to, is now sitting on the throne.

If we continue to refuse to deal with those “pet” sins, we’re just kidding about that Lord thing.


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