Tragedy Comes Unexpectedly. How Shaken Will You Be?

July 20, 2012

Life is short.  One minute movie goers were excited about Batman and looking forward to a movie.  The next…  they had no idea that their life would end before the movie did.  Loved ones are left to pick up the pieces.  Witnesses have memories that they will never shake.

We never know when tragedy will strike us.  We never know when our next breath will be our last.

Our passing could come by natural means or it could come suddenly by a wacko in a place that you feel reasonably safe, like a movie theater.

The best thing to do is to be prepared for anything.

We live in an era where most people interpret world events through the lens of culture.  Theology for the masses comes from Lady Gaga or whoever else is popular at the time.

Time is spent by many people reading the hottest books like, “50 Shades of Gray” that preach the exact opposite of the Truth.   Culture shapes our thinking.  Then when tragedy strikes, questions come up and people turn to God or anyone else that would care to make sense of things.

God’s Word provides a BEDROCK of support in tragedies.  A person that has a FIRM understanding of God’s Word will not be as shaken when something unexpected happens because they stand on a firm foundation.

You can better stand if you ALREADY know what you believe BEFORE the tragedy strikes.

If a person wanted to fly an airplane and he spent time studying and reading BEFORE the need to fly arrived, he would be better prepared to fly the plane.  He would know a bit more about what to expect from the experience and he would have head knowledge of what to do in various situations.  When the experience to fly for the first time came, he wouldn’t have to have as much explained to him.  If a gauge showed a certain level, he would understand what that meant because of the preparation time.

The same is true when we go through tragedies and hard times.

If we’re prepared with God’s Word ALREADY in us and a relationship with God that is REAL, we can stand more firmly.

If we already walk with God daily, we don’t have to go looking for Him when we want answers.  We know He’s already there.

The families of the victims, the witnesses in the theater, and much of America is looking for answers.  I pray that they look to God’s Word for those answers.  I also pray that YOU will make a commitment, if you aren’t already committed, to following Christ DAILY and knowing His Word.

Jesus PROMISED, “In this world you will have trouble.”  The world will shake you.  Tragedy will come.  You won’t understand.  I pray that you are ready and standing on the only firm foundation that is available.

“The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the Word of our God stands forever.”  (Isaiah 40:8)


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