Distractions From God’s Purpose

July 10, 2012

We were at the beach last week and we stayed at a house that was about a football field away from the ocean.  There was a wooden walkway that ran beside the house that went to the ocean.

Several of us were standing in the backyard of the house when we realized that my two year old, Adam, had disappeared.  The ladies almost panicked.  A few ran to the front yard looking for him.  One started upstairs to see if he had gone back into the house.

When I saw what direction they were going, I went to the only other possibility.  I took off at a brisk trot to the walkway.

As I looked down the walkway, Adam’s little legs were taking him as fast as he could run to the ocean.  He knew exactly where he wanted to be and he was taking action.  He had a plan and he had a purpose.    He didn’t see any distractions.  He was focused!

I took off, caught him, and brought him back to the house.  Running to the beach wasn’t what I had planned for him, as his father, at that moment.  He needed sunscreen, he needed to eat breakfast, and a swimsuit would be a nice touch.  Even though he knew what he wanted, that didn’t quite match up to what his dad wanted for him at the moment.

God is calling us to a purpose BIGGER than us.

Sometimes we, like Adam, take off running.  We’re running to some good things.  It might be work or hanging out with friends.  Whatever it is, sometimes we get too busy and we miss what our Heavenly Father wants us to do at the moment because we’re so focused on what WE want to do.

He wants us to take time each day to be quiet, pray, and listen.  He has some things for us to do and get involved in.  We are His ambassadors to the world and there are divine appointments where He wants us to go and represent Him.  If you are focused on your own agenda, you will miss it.

God is calling us to a purpose BIGGER than us.

Someone may need encouragement.  A waitress might need a smile.  A neighbor may need a hand.

God is calling you to a purpose BIGGER than you.


One Response to “Distractions From God’s Purpose”

  1. redonnocarmon said

    This is a great post! Sometimes what we want is not what God wants for us “at the moment.” He always sees the bigger picture and bigger purpose for our lives! Great analogy bro!

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