God is Calling You To Something BIGGER Than Yourself

July 8, 2012

God is calling you to a purpose BIGGER than yourself.

There is so much more to our lives than ourselves.  God is ALWAYS at work around us and if we’re not tuned into Him, we’ll miss Him.  He wants us to be involved in His work but He’s not going to force us.

There are people that you look in the eye everyday that:

  • Have secrets that they have never told anyone.
  • Their marriage is breaking up.
  • Feel helpless about their situation.
  • Have recently lost someone that they loved.

God is calling you to a purpose BIGGER than yourself. 

Life should not be about you or your desires if you follow Christ.  It’s about Him.

Sometimes when we see a need it’s time to stop saying, “I’ll pray about it” to feel better about ourselves and DO SOMETHING!

Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full”  -John 10:10

That fulfillment is not going to come by having the biggest bank account or climbing the ladder at work.  It won’t even come by just checking into church every Sunday.

If you want the FULFILLED life that Jesus promises, you have to give it ALL to Him without holding back. 

So…  you might have to rearrange your ENTIRE LIFE to do that???  OK

If that’s what He wants you to do, then do it.  Don’t hold back.

All I know is that God is calling His followers to a purpose BIGGER than themselves. 

Maybe He wants you to keep your routines that you already have.  Maybe He wants you to spend more time with Him and go after your present life with more passion.

Personally, I don’t want to get to the end of my life with regrets that I never followed Christ into fulfilling the purpose that He had for me.  I want that for you too.

Go for it and don’t hold back.  Let’s make a difference in the people’s lives around us.  God is at work.  Be sensitive to His voice, listen, and DO SOMETHING to make a difference when He speaks!

10 Responses to “God is Calling You To Something BIGGER Than Yourself”

  1. Susan said

    Eddie, I needed this reminder today! Thank you.

  2. Michael Wilson said

    Great message. You nailed it!!

  3. buzylizzie said

    really enjoyed your blog it was a great encouragement for a rainy Monday morning

  4. Linden Wolfe said

    Well said, my friend. Now let’s all go out and do something for the glory of God!! It truly is to be all about Him. Thanks and blessings to you!

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