Go Rockies: Examples from 11 and 12 Year Olds

June 4, 2012

This year I had the privilege of coaching the Rockies at the Mt. Juliet ballpark.  It was a great experience.

One thing that was different about this team is that all of our players were Christ followers and we took the philosophy that we wanted to help encourage them in their walks with Christ, as well as help them become better baseball players.

There were a lot of really cool things that happened this year but one thing that I’m especially proud of is our guy’s sportsmanship and Christian example.  Win or loose, our guys had a tradition of asking the other team to pray with them after the game on the pitcher’s mound.  That’s a practice that had never happened, as far as I know, at the ballpark.

Almost every one of our 13 guys led prayer at least once.  Some of them were really challenged as an 11 or 12 year old boy by the prospect of leading 30 people in prayer but they did it.  It was a great example to the other team and the coaches as they led in getting down on one knee in front of the whole crowd, confessing their Savior, and leading everyone in talking to God.

As adults, we need to remember that when we face a task that is intimidating but we know God wants us to do it, we need to push our fears aside and trust God.  Thanks for the example Rockies.

On a couple of occasions when a player on the other team got hurt, our guys got together in the dugout and prayed for him.   (As adults, when we see a hurting person or someone asks us to pray for them, why wait.  Pray right then.)

We saw a teammate with anger issues begin to allow Christ to help him through his frustrations.    (It’s always cool to see someone allowing God to work in their hearts in an area.)  There were other things that made it obvious that Christ was at work on the team and in our hearts.

I’m just really proud of all of our guys and our season.  We finished first in the league and second in the tournament.  I’m most thankful for a God that had an impact on our team and our league this year.

Ryan Scott, my son Matthew, Jason Faucett, and Mickey Manis helped coach.  Eddie Suey helped also helped us out in the dugout.  I really appreciate you guy’s help and examples.

Go Rockies!


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