Charles Colson-What it really means to be “Born Again”

April 21, 2012

“I’d walk over my own grandmother to get Nixon re-elected” were the words of Nixon’s hatchet man, Charles Colson.  He was known as “ruthless” and an “evil genius” who served President Nixon with fierce loyalty. He eventually went to prison for his part of the Watergate break in.

It was during that time that Colson found God and was “Born Again.”  Though many were skeptical of his conversion, thinking it was only for the purpose of trying to get a reduced sentence, Colson spent the rest of his life proving that Jesus had transformed even the dirtiest of men.

Charles Colson died today from complications from brain surgery in March.  He was 80 years old.

Those who knew Colson before being born again and those after his conversion describe two different men.  The before Christ relationships describe him as the man painted above.

Those who knew him after he met Jesus said that he was very friendly, caring, and warm to those who met him.  He didn’t seek the limelight and worked tirelessly for truth and in his Prison Fellowship Ministry.

That’s the way it’s supposed to be.  2 Thessalonians 5:17 says, “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creation.  The old has gone.  The new has come.”

If a person really has an experience with Christ, there is change.  In the words of Colson himself,

“What we do flows from who we are.”

If you are a child of God, actions and motivations change.

We need more great leaders like Charles Colson.

Here are  a few other Charles Colson quotes:

“When God wanted to defeat sin, His ultimate weapon was the sacrifice of His own Son. On Christmas Day two thousand years ago, the birth of a tiny baby in an obscure village in the Middle East was God’s supreme triumph of good over evil.”

“I can work for the Lord in or out of prison”

“I learned one thing in Watergate: I was well-intentioned but rationalized illegal behavior,” he said. “You cannot live your life other than walking in the truth. Your means are as important as your ends.”

“Atheist’s fight hard against something that, as they see it, doesn’t exist…Why are they so angry about it? I don’t understand it. Such animosity represents moral rebellion against God. And that rebellion is a fight to the death–the death of one’s own willfulness.”

Are you a different person than you would be if you didn’t know Christ?


2 Responses to “Charles Colson-What it really means to be “Born Again””

  1. What a tremendous change in Charles’ life. Those of that have met THE Jesus know… There is no turning back.

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