Unexplainable Coincidences

December 22, 2011

“Unexplainable coincidences” seem to be a lot more common for Christ Followers than to the population at large.  (Answers to Prayer)

An old friend asked me to give an example of an “Unexplained Coincidence.”  Here’s one:

When Marla and I first got married, I was an Operations Manager.  In my mid-20’s, I had a pretty good resume with about 120 people under my management.

After a couple of years, I felt like it was time for me to move on so I began sending out resumes.  My resume was strong and I sent out about 100 resumes.  I didn’t get ONE PHONE CALL from a prospective employer.  Not one!

I prayed, “God, either You want me to stay here or I’m looking in the totally wrong direction.”  Someone should have called unless you are preventing it.

Marla said, “Eddie, I think God may want you to go into full time ministry.”  I wasn’t convinced but I agreed to send out 3 resumes.

It was crazy!  Suddenly, lot’s of potential churches were lining up to talk to me about being their youth pastor, from only 3 resumes.

Realizing that I may have to move from Tennessee and also that my family wouldn’t understand, I prayed, “God, if that’s what you want from me, all I ask is that you let me know 100% that it’s You talking to me and not bad pizza from last night.”

Marla & I went to Charlotte, NC for an interview at a church.  We didn’t feel good about the church after the interview but we promised to pray about it for a week.

In the meantime another church in Charlotte, Woodlawn Baptist, called.  I told them, “I’m praying about a church right now.  I’m supposed to give them an answer in a week.  If I don’t feel like that church is God’s will for us, I’ll call you back in a week.”

Woodlawn said, “ok” and hung up.  After a week of praying, we told the first church “no.”  Upon calling the Woodlawn back, they said, “Eddie, last week you were praying about another church.  This week, we’re praying about another candidate.  Sorry….”

Another week went by, then Woodlawn called me back.  They said, “Eddie, the guy we were talking to about the position was in Alabama.  He was perfect in our opinion, but he turned us down.  In turning us down he asked us, ‘Would I be out of line if I recommended someone for this position?’”

Guess who this Alabama boy recommended would be a great fit for this church in Charlotte, North Carolina?  He told them to call a guy in Tennessee.  Eddie Poole


God had someone in Charlotte give Woodlawn Baptist my resume.

Woodlawn called me.

I told them no.

They called someone in Alabama who told them to call me.

What are the odds of that?  God answered my prayer.  I told Him “All I ask is that if you want me to move & go into full time ministry, I have to know 100% that it is You leading me.”

Woodlawn could have called anyone in the country, but they called one of 2-3 people in the WORLD who would have pointed them back to me.  I knew that he was leading me into ministry, 100%.  Coincidence?  I think not!

Thank you_1.jpg


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