Life is a Highway

December 3, 2011

My first year as a Student Pastor was filled with lots of adventures.  I know Rascal Flatts sings about “Life is a Highway” and I believe that’s true on several accounts.  On one memorable youth adventure, I was driving the lead van of 5 vans, heading from Charlotte, North Carolina to Asheville, North Carolina, where we were going to a camp called Centrifuge at Ridgecrest.  I had never driven that route before, being a Tennessee boy, but I could handle it.  I was a big boy and there were four other drivers from the Carolinas right behind me.

We were driving along having a great time on the trip.  DC Talk  and Audio Adrenaline were blaring on the radio.  Kids were singing along.  We had the Christian fish plastered on the side of the van.  We were a Jesus party, rolling down the highway, having a blast!

After we had been driving for about two hours, a sign suddenly caught my attention. The sign only had 3 words written on it but it made me suddenly sick to my stomach in the middle of this Jesus fest that we were experiencing.

The sign read, “WELCOME TO VIRGINIA!”

Now I’ve know some really nice people from Virginia and I’ve had a few good visits in my past to Virginia too.  Heck, even George Washington was from Virginia.  The problem with the sign in this situation is that I wasn’t supposed to be anywhere close to Virginia and neither were the four vans that had been following me for the past two hours.

I had missed a sign that instructed those interested in going to Ashville to veer left about an hour and a half earlier.   We weren’t on the right road and were having too much fun to even realize our error.  Even those from North Carolina that were with me didn’t even realize our demise.

I wonder how often we do that today.  We travel along with our lives on cruise control, listening to Christian radio, going to church every week with our families, and even reading our chapter a week in the Bible when we have time.  We usually drop our money in the offering plate too.  We do all the things that Christians are supposed to do in America these days, yet maybe we’re not even on the road that He wants us to be onIt sure seems like a Christian road, to be sure, be just not the right one for us.

We would never do it intentionally, but wouldn’t it be terrible to suddenly realize that we’re not on the right road?   Maybe we just slowly began assuming that we knew His will for our life everyday and began drifting slowly away, bit by bit.  We start thinking that we’ve walked with Him long enough now.  No need to ask Him everyday anymore for His will, right?  It’s pretty much the same thing today as there was yesterday, right?  Go to work.  Go to church.  Pray everyday.  Ditto the next day.

Maybe you’ve worked really hard for the last ten years to buy your dream house.  God would never actually ask you to sell it and spend that extra working time volunteering at the church, would he?  Maybe you enjoy golf.  It’s how you relax.  Jesus would NEVER ask me to actually scale back MY LIFE so that I could invest in the life of a young boy that lost his dad last year, WOULD HE?  Why…. That would actually cause me to have to RE-ADJUST MY LIFE for the Gospel.  God wouldn’t ask anything like that of me, would He???

I’m not really sure that Jesus meant for us to just sit around on the porch of our big home on EASY STREET and ignore the needs around us.  If we really stopped to ask Him, we might find that we missed the road about ten years back.  We would also find a Savior that is willing to say, “Let me help you find your way back to the narrow road.  It’s filled with challenges but there’s nothing more fulfilling than traveling that road.”

Back to the Student Ministry Trip:  I eventually found my way back to Ashville and the kidding has never stopped from those that were on that trip.  I’m sure there will be a few smiles from the former kids and chaperones that were on that trip when they read this post.

The Bible says that many will say, “Lord, didn’t we cast demons out in your name?”   Jesus will then go on and say, “Away from me.  I never knew you.”  Notice he didn’t say “a FEW will say ‘Lord, didn’t we know you?’.”  He said “MANY.”  There will be MANY who thought they knew Jesus but they just knew a little about the Christian lifestyle.  They didn’t know the Savior.

When I was growing up, I used to go to the races every week at Nashville Raceway.  I would get Darrell Waltrip’s autograph every single week.  I followed his whole career.  I was there when he won his first Winston Cup race against the big boys.  Every stat that concerned Darrell, I could tell you.  I had even begun to believe that I knew him until one day I met him as an adult.  As we talked, it dawned on me that he didn’t know that I existed.  He didn’t remember that little kid that came to see him every week years ago back in Nashville.  I knew all about him.  I had him covering my wall in my room, but he didn’t know me.  I was just one of the MANY that thought they knew him.

I pray that you aren’t one of the “MANY” that THOUGHT they were on the “Jesus Train.”   Have you really assessed in your life that you are on the road that He has put you on.  Have you just learned all of the facts and stats about the King of Kings but you really haven’t taken time for Him to hear your “Masters” will for a long time?  Do you actually take time to listen to Him daily and actually ADJUST YOUR LIFE to His will?

Do you REALLY KNOW HIM or have you been trained to act like you do?   I’m not saying we have to have all of the answers.  You can tell by my previous couple of posts that I have LOTS of questions that I don’t understand.  It’s about being real and really seeking Him, adjusting to His will, and trusting Him.

Life is a Highway.  Are you on the right one?   It’s something to think about….


2 Responses to “Life is a Highway”

  1. Jennifer Scotti-Mitchell said

    Thanks for the reminder, Mr. Eddie! Glad your surgery went well!!!

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