Only A Couple More Days to Live

February 1, 2011

BillBillyy Hornsby is admired by a lot of people.  He is founder of the Association of Related Churches, which is one of the major sponsors of  “ARC”, as it is called, has started almost 200 churches in the past 10 years, including  That’s a MAJOR impact on the world, all from the vision of Billy. That’s also just a fraction of what Billy’s vision is.  He sees ARC planting thousands of churches.

As I write this, Billy Hornsby is at death’s door.  He contracted a very aggressive form of cancer and could pass away anytime.  I heard that as sick as Billy is, he has asked God for just four more weeks so that he can finish the book that he is working on.   (From Maurillio Amorim’s Blog)  I’ve read tweets from a few pastors and people that have visited him in the past few days.  Even though he must feel terrible, Billy is STILL pouring into them, encouraging them to keep holding out the word of life to a lost world.

Scripture says that the rain falls on the just and the unjust,  but it’s still hard to understand why someone like Billy must go through something like cancer and be taken away from those he loves and influences.

I’m thankful for the influence of Billy Hornsby on my life,, and on the thousands of people that  ARC churches have impacted throughout the United States.   I met Billy through an ARC event.  I didn’t go up to him to meet the “celebrity.”  He came up to me and was interested in what I WAS DOING.  Billy truly sees his mission as doing whatever he can to let God work through him in furthering the gospel.

Though doctors say that he could pass away anytime, Billy has asked for just four more weeks so that he can continue to pour into lives and encourage them to reach more people for Jesus.

What would you do if you knew that you had just four more days to live?  Why don’t we do those things now?

4 Responses to “Only A Couple More Days to Live”

  1. steveharrison said

    Great word Eddie!! I’ve never met Billy but have loved his heart for the ‘C’hurch…love how you say he was interested in what you were doing…that speaks loudly of a heart of a man who lives humbly and loves Jesus!! Thanks for the reminder here…love you brother!!

  2. eddiepoole said

    Thanks Steve. Billy is a challenge to all of us to love more, share more, and to be a humble servant of Jesus.

  3. Guy Walker said

    I heard Billy speak at Church of the Highlands last night… It was great!

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