Baptism: Jump “All In”!

January 25, 2011

My daughter, Rachel, is a softball player.  She enjoys the game, but she also enjoys being identified as being on a softball team.  She wears her uniform with pride as we go into McDonalds, Kroger, or around friends.  She likes for people to know that she is a part of the team.

Baptism is kind of like wearing your softball uniform in public.  It identifies a believer with Christ.  There aren’t many examples of a person on a softball team that refuses to wear the uniform.  Wearing the uniform is just what a softball player does.

Being baptized is just what a believer or follower of Jesus does.  As a believer is dunked under the water, it is an “illustration” that the person has died, is buried, and has been raised with Christ as he or she comes up out of the water.  It doesn’t make a person saved.  It just illustrates that the person is saved and knows Jesus.  It’s like a picture of an event that has already happened.

That leads to the question, “If baptism doesn’t “save” me, then why should I do it?” I’m glad that you asked that!  If you look in the New Testament, trusting Christ with your life and then being baptized is the normal thing to do.  There isn’t even any question as to whether or not to go ahead and be baptized.  It was what a believer did.

Why?  In Matthew 28, Jesus was about to go to heaven.  He was leaving his followers here to carry on His mission.  What were his parting words?  “Go and make disciples.  BAPTIZING them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” That was the last thing that Jesus said before leaving Earth.  He must have thought that baptism was majorly important.  Think about that.  At the end of a person’s life, you usually say the things that are most important.

Jesus also was baptized.  Even though John the Baptist objected, Jesus insisted that John baptize him.  Jesus wasn’t baptized to represent that His sins were washed away.  He didn’t have any sin.  Jesus was baptized to show believers that we should follow in His example.  If we’re followers of Jesus, then we’re supposed to do what Jesus did.  If we can’t do something as simple as following his example in baptism by getting into a pool of water and going under, how are we going to live for Him in the world?

If you haven’t been baptized, I encourage you to go for it!  It’s the next step that God has for you as you begin or continue on the journey of following Jesus.  I can say with confidence that it is God’s will that you take the plunge and follow Jesus’ example in baptism.  There’s no reason to wait!  The waters fine.  Jump “ALL IN!”


3 Responses to “Baptism: Jump “All In”!”

  1. Jackie Hicks said

    Hey Eddie….I remember many, many years ago when I became a Baptist Christian from a Presbyterian Christan. Born and raised Presbyterian, being sprinkled was/is the outward sign/uniform of baptism. I initially experienced an inward struggle as to why I needed to do this. The experience of being emersed IS an outward sign of being transformed…whether you are a sprinked Presbyterian or a dunked Baptist….Our Lord wants us to be a walking, taking, living example of Him. Love ya like a rock…Jackie

    • eddiepoole said

      Jackie, you are a Jesus Freak! Thanks for your comment. He does want us to be a walking, talking, living example of Him and that’s what I think of when I think of Jackie Hicks. Wish you guys were here in my church!

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