Forgiving the Jerks in Our Life

October 2, 2009

An old friend and I were driving down the road recently when he asked me a question that I had to think about.  There was a mutual “friend” that was really a jerk to me years ago.  I really haven’t seen or thought much about this guy, good or bad, for several years.

284344-main_Full.jpg The Jerk image by boomhowser_2008

The question that my friend asked me was, “Eddie, did you ever forgive Bob”  I really had to think alot about his question.  Bob hasn’t even been on my radar for years.

My immediate answer was “yes,” I had forgiven Bob, but it really made me think.  Was that the truth?

How do you know if you have really forgiven someone?  People talk about “forgiving and forgetting.”  Even though I had seemingly forgotten, did I still have unforgiveness in my heart?

RT Kendall says in his book “Total Forgiveness,” that one way to determine if you have REALLY forgiven is if you wish them well.  That doesn’t mean that you invite them over for Christmas dinner or go on vacation with them.   It doesn’t mean that you buy them a birthday present.  You may still have to draw your boundaries, but we all have to let go of unforgiveness if we are to grow in our relationship with God.

We can’t even get away from it when we pray the Lord’s Prayer.  Jesus taught us to pray, “Forgive us as we forgive those who trespass against us.”  Wow!  I want God to forgive me better and quicker than I forgive others.

We’re all forgiven much, so we do need to forgive others too.  Hey Bob!  I wish you well!

Why is it hard to forgive some people?

One Response to “Forgiving the Jerks in Our Life”

  1. beth said

    I love, love, love RT Kendall’s book! It’s a must read for anyone who has unforgiveness in their hearts. It was life-transforming for me.

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