Closer To Pre-Launch!

August 20, 2009

I’m excited, nervous, pumped, in awe… all at the same time!  Our first Pre-Launch Experience is less than 30 days away.  There is still LOTS to do but we’re hard at work.  I’m just amazed that God is allowing me to be involved in everything, much less lead it!

Here are a few things that you probably don’t know:

  • We will be meeting at Elzie Patton Elementary School in the heart of Mt. Juliet
  • We are part of the Network of Churches that had over 40,000 people connected this past Easter, watching the same message
  • is responsible for developing “,” which is Bible software that is catching on FAST.  Presently, it is loaded onto 1 out of every 27 iPhones.

I hope you can make it to our first Worship Experience at Elzie Patton.  Our hour long Worship Experience will begin at 10:00 a.m.

Mark your calendars for all four Pre-Launch Worship Experiences:  September 13, October 18, November 22, and December 20.

Thanks for Praying!


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