No Use Crying Over Spilled Skittles

February 6, 2009

The other day in the grocery store I saw a child that was being very overly dramatic. He had spilled his Skittles and was not happy about that. Well, I would be pretty upset too if I spilled my Skittles, but this child really took it hard. There began crying and gnashing of teeth that was a bit on the ridiculous side.

At that point that’s when I heard the words from his mom, “I’m going to give you something to cry about if you don’t chill out!”

I know that God isn’t the  “give us something to cry about” type, but I wonder what he thinks when He sees us get so jacked up about such minor things like we do sometimes, like this kid with the Skittles.  Let’s make it a point to “be patient and bear one another in love” as Ephesians 4:2 says. That will save us from looking so goofy by getting upset at the slightest inconveniences.

The kid probably did need a lesson taught to him at that moment and a warm bottom would probably have helped the situation, but as I reflect, I think we believers need a lesson taught sometimes too.  As adult believers, we get upset too often about minor things like this kid and his Skittles.

Every once in a while we are inconvenienced and sometimes it just ruins our day. Maybe someone pulls out in front of us when we’re in a hurry or the checker at Kroger is slow, even though we rushed to the shortest line. Whatever it is, it puts us in a rotten mood and we feel like the world is against us. It’s amazing how we miss God’s finger prints in our lives because our hearts get in the wrong place so easily.  I had a college roommate that used to ask, “Will this even matter or will I remember it in a year?”  If the answer is “no,” take a “chill pill.”

Remember, if you spill your Skittles it’s a pain but it’s not the end of the world! I might even share some of mine with you if you ask nicely.


One Response to “No Use Crying Over Spilled Skittles”

  1. Nina said

    I don’t know. To someone with a photographic memory, your friend’s statement isn’t much consolation. I’m of the opinion that kids need their “bottoms warmed” as you put it, quite a lot more often than they get it. I certainly did. I was just sneaky and Mom never found out most of the stuff I did. And what exactly was a kid that age doing with a whole package of skittles to spill? At that age they get one at a time, presumably to control sugar intake, something parents are even more lax about. But I’d share my skittles with a nice person too.

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