How Do I Know I’m Called?

February 2, 2009

Someone asked me recently, “How do you know that God is calling you?” God didn’t call me on my cell phone and say, “Eddie, you the man…”   There wasn’t a cloud formation telling me to go into full time ministry, but God did make it pretty clear to me.  Before I go on, I should say that  I believe that God actually calls ALL of those who belong to Him, but I can tell you how God called me to full time ministry.

I was just out of college and working in Nashville at a “Sheltered Workshop.” My position was Operations Manager and I managed about 20 supervisors. I had a pretty good resume for a twenty-something year old. After about two years on the job, I thought I would send out some resumes. I was surprised that not one person called me back!

Not that I was anything special, but I thought someone should at least call me back with a resume like I had. I prayed, “God, You must either want me to stay here or maybe you do want me in full time ministry. I’m willing to do full time ministry if that’s what You want. I just ask that you let me know for sure. My family would not understand me moving from Nashville and I need to know for sure that it’s you leading me.”

I only sent out a couple of ministry resumes and I started getting calls and interviews immediately. I’m not always the sharpest tool in the box but I started to “get it.”  Ding, Ding!  I realized that I was now on the right track!

I went to Charlotte, NC on an interview and afterwards, Marla and I just didn’t feel good about it. I did promise to pray about it for a week. When we got back home to Nashville, I had a message that another church in Charlotte had called. Not wanting to “muddy the waters,” I told the second church that I didn’t want to talk at that time until I found God’s will for the first church.

After a week of prayer, we still didn’t feel good about the second church so we called and told them we couldn’t come. When I called the second church back I was told that they were already talking to another candidate and didn’t want to “muddy the waters” with me. They wanted to find God’s will in this relationship.

I was good with that, but after a week they called me back. They told me that the candidate was a guy from Alabama. He turned them down but asked, “Would I be out of line by recommending someone to you?” They told him they would love to have a name from him.

Guess who’s name this guy in Alabama gave to this church in Charlotte, NC? He told them to call a guy in Nashville. “Eddie Poole” was his name! God wanted me in full time ministry and had this church contact one of the few people in this whole world who would then point them right back to me. What are the odds? Pretty good if God is in the mix! That’s how I know that He has called me into full time ministry.


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